Part of me died 2 nights ago. Physically I didn’t. Mentally, part of me is dead & gone. I will never let emotions get the best of me again. The only way to beat emotional manipulation from yourself and others is to be dead inside. I don’t need people anymore to feel like I am worth something. I don’t want to feel like I need people. I’m going to be the best at everything I do & I don’t care how I accomplish it. Ethics are being thrown out the window along with morals. There is no true good in this world, just evil with a mask. Love is false. It’s simply a desire to feel needed and to feel like you haven’t done wrong. When you are loved you don’t feel bad about the wrong you’ve done. Fuck all that, I’m done loving. All love has done is drive me mad. I’m not letting it consume me. My passion & drive for success is the only thing that I will love. I am done.

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