The Orlando attack and the people who support it sicken me to outrage. To say you would murder more people, to say you would do the same, to say they deserved it for something that is beyond their control. They have been persecuted for millennia & made examples of through public executions, being burned alive, hung, shot in the head, beaten to death, even stoned to death if we are to bring it back that far. You would think, if it was a choice, they would opt out of it knowing they will be killed, ousted from their communities, family, and friends. Treated with disdain & shown malice at the slightest hint of their sexual orientation. Killed by others because they do not agree with their values, their lifestyle, their genetic makeup. It is heinous crime. Hate crimes happen against people all over the world, but that should not diminish the outrage and pain we should all feel for this community and the struggles they go through day to day. They are hunted by people like animals & killed in abundance. For what? You religious values state that murder is a sin, yet you commit it with no hesitation against someone who does not hold up to your perfect little ideological bullshit of a world. You people sicken me. To think that you believe this to be okay, that it is just & necessary. What the fuck is wrong with you?

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