Acid is the greatest thing in the world

Started messing with psychs again, this time equipped with better information, a better sense of self and what I want to accomplish with them, & a large shift in how I’m processing everything around me.

Everything is meaningless at the end of it all so find the things you enjoy and do things you want to do. Continually challenge yourself and try to understand why you both like and dislike certain things and ask yourself if that’s how you truly feel or if those are just constructs built into you from years of subconscious programming.

I’m taking stronger trips every time and exploring my mind and states of vulnerability I didn’t think were possible. It’s led to an understanding that the damage that’s been done to me doesn’t in fact have to shape who I am and I’m actually completely in control of who & what I am as well as what I want to become. I can be whoever & I don’t need a reason more so than I want to. I don’t have to pretend to not let things bother me or express emotions I may not be feeling.

Accept everything that happens and realize you can only influence your reaction to what happens. People are going to do whatever they want and say what they will and that is their choice. I cannot feasibly change that. I can change however how I react to that and challenge any negativity with non-reaction and positivity.

Acid is one of the greatest things ever developed and I so dearly wish it would become legal or at the very least have it’s class restriction lowered so it can be available medically.