A bit about myself (Backstory + Hobbies/Interests)

Im in my mid twenties. I have curly hair and steel blue eyes. Im of an athletic build and around 6ft.

Im a person who experienced sexual, emotional and psychical abuse.

Ive been *tentatively* diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder bipolar subtype, GAD & PTSD. I am not treated for them currently and have no plans to seek treatment for them again.

I enjoy recreational activities including exercise, both resistance and cardiovascular, music festivals and concerts/raves, hiking and camping, as well as cooking. I greatly enjoy video games and art, although I really suck at art lol.

I enjoy “drug” culture and believe it to be mislabeled heavily with a very negative stigma around it. Certain drugs have saved my life, namely MDMA and psychedelics.

My current goals are to enlist in the military and then pursue a career in politics in order to hopefully try and influence America in a way that in wholly more inclusive and focused more towards a collective good rather than an individualistic hierarchy. Issues I would love to tackle would be socioeconomic inequality, racial disparities involving the prison profit system and economic systems currently in place that suppress blacks and PoC, as well as a rebuilding of infrastructure involving medical, educational and historical districts while also pitching to restructure our transportation systems and effect on the climate and nature as a whole. I could go on for hours about my goals and plans ive theorized, but this is supposed to be short.

I own a cat who I love to pieces and hope she lives to be a ripe old age. She is a calico and is the most loving animal ive ever owned. She makes me melt.

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